Exciting News Coming: Elite Additions Is Expanding!

15 December 2019

Elite Homes NSW will be continuing the proud, high quality of work that Elite Additions has shown over the years in the new home building space.

Did you know that Elite Additions currently offers complete home services such as knockdown rebuilds, custom homes, project homes as well as granny flat solutions?

Well we do, and we have an exciting announcement coming your way very soon to make things a whole lot easier for everyone!

We will still be providing these complete home services but it will be under the name of Elite Homes (it makes sense, right?) in 2020.

We decided to clear things up after receiving some constructive and honest feedback from some lovely clients (which we always appreciate 🤗) of ours who mentioned that it was a little confusing.

Introducing Elite Homes NSW

After discussing this with the team, we have decided to expand into the home building market with Elite Homes, whilst keeping Elite Additions focusing on home extensions, rebuilds, renovations and obviously home additions.

Everything at Elite Additions will continue as per the norm. Our services will always be the best in the business, and we will carry that exact same quality and culture into Elite Homes.

Are you unsure whether to remodel or expand your current dwelling or knockdown and rebuild your entire home then you have come to the right place. Speak with our owner builder Scott on 0433 765 885  or email Elite Additions at [email protected] for your best option!


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