FEATURE ARTICLE: The Handover Process - Explained!

20 September 2021

Here at Elite Additions, we pride ourselves on constructing the best value first floor additions, extensions, renovations and granny flats.

It's exciting watching the building journey from the beginning to finally come together. From the plans and approvals process at the start of the build right through to handover, we take the upmost care which gives us the confidence that you're going to love every inch of your new home or renovated abode.

Client Handover Should Be Transparent

In saying this, we often get asked for details of the "official handover" with clients not really knowing what is entailed.

We want to run through the following topics with you so you better understand the Elite Additions Handover Process:

   ✔ Practical Completion

   ✔ Key Handover

   ✔ Defect Period

   ✔ Insurances

   ✔ Home Maintenance

   ✔ Celebrate!



Practical completion is whereby the project scope is pretty much wrapped up and we are adding the final touches to your home. Once this is achieved, we walk through your completed home improvements with you.

Walking through the home is an important step in the process as it allows us to show you the completed works. It also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions or make any points for fixing before the appliances are installed.

In addition to this, we take down detailed notes of any minor fixes that need to be resolved before the appliances are installed and the finishing touches are fully complete.

We understand that the build is not 100% finished at this stage but we want you to be as excited as we are for the actual handover!

Once we leave site, we will email you a confirmed "Handover Date" which is approximately 2-3 weeks down the track which should give us enough time to resolve those minor fixes and enough time for you to double-check your finances for the Final Payment (which is due on this agreed date).

After the final payment has been made, our highly qualified builder walks through the home once again with our client, checking all areas to ensure that the home improvements that have been made are to the specifications set out in the initial contract.

We then sign off and it’s time for you to move in. How exciting!



Your home is complete and is officially all yours!

We guide you through the home (once again) and review all points within the contract as well as the Practical Completion checklist that we made together.

The main items you want to receive at handover are:

      1. Keys

            a. Internal / External doors

            b. Remotes (for the automatic garage doors and/or A/C

            c. Manual roller doors

            d. Windows

            e. NBN box

            f. Recycled water taps

      2. Manuals & Warranty Information

            a. Kitchen appliances such as ovens, stovetops & dishwasher

            b. Hot water service

            c. Air conditioning units (split system, multi-split or ducted A/C)

      3. Training & Education

            a. Proper use / maintenance of your Ducted Air con/water tank systems

            b. Proper use of appliances and check that they work.

      4. Certificates

            a. Water proofing certificate

            b. Engineering certificates

            c. Termite management certificate and warranty’s

            d. BASIX Compliance certificate

            e. Electrical certificates

            f. Drainage Certificate

            g. Stormwater Compliance certificate.



The requirements regarding your Defect Period will be stated in your Elite Additions contract, please read through thoroughly it as it may differ from those contracts of other builders.

We use Housing Industry Australia (HIA) contracts which state a 13-week Defect Period from the time of Practical Completion. The Defect Period begins when:

      1. Once the client moves back into their new home, or

      2. For clients that continued living in the property during the build, practical completion is on the specified date of your builder’s handover certificate.

We recommend keeping your Defect List on your fridge in the kitchen and make note of any items that you believe are defects over that 13-week period.

We also recommend putting a reminder in your phone two weeks before the Defect List is due, that way you won't forget!

Once the Defect Period is up, we will run through the list line-by-line so we can get started with resolving those issues as soon as possible.

If you cannot find any noticeable defects during this time – happy days!



We would recommend for you to obtain several quotes for your home & contents insurance - do not just go with the first insurance company you Google!

We would even recommend getting additional quotes even if you have a current Home & Contents insurance policy. It well may change based on the home improvements that have been made.

Note: For the construction phase we would recommend considering additional insurances that protect your home during this period. Some insurance policies DO NOT cover your home under certain circumstances so beware! We have our own Insurance Broker who can recommend certain policies based on your individual situation.



Your building contract, architectural & engineering drawings and specifications will let you know of any specific requirements from yourself in regards to the maintenance of your new home.

Please read these above documents carefully as you want to keep your buildings' warranty intact.

If you have any questions at all, you CAN ALWAYS CALL Elite Additions for advice. You're part of the Elite Additions family now so it's free of charge!



At handover, we will personally deliver an Elite Additions care package for you and your family to enjoy.

We strongly believe in celebrating wins - and this is definitely one of them!



We hope you found this list helpful. If you aim to tick off items (at your own pace, in your own time) you'll be finished before you know it!

If you're in the process of researching improvements for your current house, contact the team at Elite Additions today. We are a local & trusted home builder in Sydney and would love the opportunity to provide you with a FREE FEASIBILITY REPORT or phone consult on your property.


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